Things I Love

  • When your Daddy picks you up from your Nana’s house and you start looking for me as soon as you get home, saying “Mama? Mama?” And then when you see me and run toward me for a big hug. I love that.
  • When you call for me from another room. I realize that this may be annoying when you’re older and after you’ve done it for the one-hundred thousandth time, but for now, it’s new and I love it.
  • When I come into your room in the morning and you’re still sleeping and I gently touch you to wake you up. With your eyes still closed, you smile, and then you jump up as fast as you can, your whole body shaking and wiggling like a little puppy as if you just can’t believe I’m there. I looooove that.
  • When you cuddle with me in the morning in the rocking chair in your room. Just me and you as you wake up.
  • When you read to yourself. Whether it be junk mail, or a restaurant menu, or a book. With each turn of the page you take a deep breath and launch into it with such enthusiasm and vigor. I can SEE the wheels turning in your head as you look at the pictures and imagine what’s going on. I love that I find you reading to yourself wherever there’s a comfortable sitting place. Like when we were changing the sheets on our bed and the down comforter was lying in a heap on our bedroom floor. I found you in there, in the middle of the heap, in the dark. Reading to yourself. And you kept running back and forth from the bedroom to the living room bringing new books. And you didn’t notice me the entire time I was watching you. I love it.
  • That you loooove your Daddy. And anytime he is in a prone position on the floor, you take that as your personal invitation to climb on and ride him like a horse.
  • When you respond to a question with a long, drawn-out “Yeeeep,” like you are an 80-year-old man talking about his crops. It’s just so dang funny, and I love it!
  • That you like to dance. Because let me tell you, it is freaking hysterical. And that you like it when we sing to you. Because you’ll learn soon enough that I cannot sing.
  • That you love to give us hugs and kisses.
  • That you live your life with such passion and emotion. That you JUST.GET.SO.EXCITED. Seeing the dog, or a motorcycle, or an airplane, elicits so much EXCITEMENT from you. While that passion may sometimes frustrate me until I’m at my wit’s end, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  • I love you, Monkey.

About Jen

On the Night You Were Born is my attempt to chronicle my joys and frustrations of parenthood. I’m fairly new to the mommy blogosphere, and I read some brilliantly-funny mom blogs, so I hope to be half as witty, insightful, and I won’t say inspiring. The only thing I hope to inspire is for my 4k kid to cut the sass and my 2.5-year-old to stop being disruptive at bedtime. Alas, they both come with time.

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  1. Totally brings tears to my eyes. I completely relate to every single one of those things. Your blog is a reminder for why we do it. Why we make all the sacrifices. Because it’s worth it. Because these are the things we love.

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