I’m Tickled When:

  • You get down on the floor on your belly to look for lost toys and then announce “I got it!” when you find it.
  •  You identify objects without prompting, like the first time you pointed to the sky and said “Moon!”
  • You hold up objects like remote controls or empty makeup compacts to your ear and start talking as if they were a phone.
  • We hold up a real phone with a live person on the other end and you don’t say a word. Instead you wave to the person as if they can see you.
  • You feed your baby doll or want to wrap her in a blanket and put her in her crib.
  • We’re out in public and you see other babies or kids and shout “BABY!” even about kids who clearly are older than you. You’re going to be such a good big sister.
  • You walk on your tiptoes or do forward rolls.
  • You meow at the edge of the yard in hopes of luring the neighbor’s cat into playing with you. Unfortunately your excessive shrieking when the cat does appear quickly scares him away.
  • You say words for the first time, like “red,” “orange,” “yellow” (wewwow), “purple,” and “white.” Your recent vocabulary explosion is rocking my world. This morning you responded “Morning!” when I greeted you with a “Good morning.”
  • You tuck your hands inside your chest, against my chest, whenever I give you a hug. It melts my heart.
  • You lean on me and give me a hug while I’m putting lotion on your back after a bath. And the way that you always want to join in on a family hug when you see your daddy and me hugging. You are such a hugger and I love that.
  • You want me to keep singing “You are My Sunshine” over and over again.
  • You run around naked and your daddy and I yell “NAKED BABY!” I’m still in awe that your father and I made you. I mean seriously, that is just crazy.

Christmas generally is a time of reflection as we count our blessings and look toward a new year. It’s so astonishing how fast these little creatures grow and change before our eyes. When I look back a year ago to a nine-month-old baby, and compare her to the toddler she has become, I’m simply amazed. I know people say it all the time, BUT IT REALLY DOES GO SO FAST. It makes me want to try to capture every essence of who Monkey is at this stage. Every day brings a new word or new accomplishment and I want to be able to remember it all! And it also makes me a little sad that so much has passed us by already. I can’t even imagine her as a pre-schooler or grade-schooler  — and I’m not sure I want to. I’m just trying to soak it all in. Merry Christmas everyone.


About Jen

On the Night You Were Born is my attempt to chronicle my joys and frustrations of parenthood. I’m fairly new to the mommy blogosphere, and I read some brilliantly-funny mom blogs, so I hope to be half as witty, insightful, and I won’t say inspiring. The only thing I hope to inspire is for my 4k kid to cut the sass and my 2.5-year-old to stop being disruptive at bedtime. Alas, they both come with time.

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