It’s Not All Bad – the Top 10 Things I Love About Being Pregnant


So some of my friends have told me that they’ll need to stop reading my blog if they ever have any hope of having kids. I’m sorry!! Therefore, if I scared you with last week’s blog about all of the travails of pregnancy, I should back up and tell you that there are good things about pregnancy. No, really. Chiefly, that you’re creating a new human being! I mean, how cool is that? It’s pretty much the most awesome thing you can do in your lifetime. I know it’s one of my greatest accomplishments. And your body does it, on its own, without much assistance needed from you. Well, after the initial stage I guess … you know what I mean.

ANYWAY, as I’ve blogged about before, you also know that maintaining a pregnancy hasn’t always been the easiest thing for me. Therefore, when I am pregnant, I try to be a really grateful pregnant person. Because to someone who can’t get pregnant, or who frequently experiences a loss, the last thing they want to hear about is some pregnant person complaining about being pregnant. And it’s a terrible thing when you want your body to work in a certain way and it doesn’t cooperate. Devastating, really.

Not to mention that my pregnancies have truly been pretty easy in a comparative sense. I’ve never been a puker, I don’t get high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, I don’t gain a lot of weight, and I have an extremely supportive husband who would do just about anything for me — or he could just be scared of me. Either way, I don’t have really anything to complain about when it comes to my pregnancies compared to my some of my friends’.

So I apologize if I came off as an ungrateful pregnant person. And I’m also not judging those people who don’t LOVE being pregnant, because being pregnant can still be really hard compared to not being pregnant. I just got a little sidetracked remembering what this certain man said to me and the ridiculousness of his statement. And, I thought it was a funny story to share with you.

Therefore, without further adieu, let me commence my list of top 10 things I LOVE about being pregnant.

10. That moment when you’re waiting for the results of the pregnancy test. And it comes back POSITIVE!! And you’re so exhilarated, because you realize that, at that exact moment, there is a life growing INSIDE YOUR BODY! And suddenly your whole world shifts as you think about all of your hopes and dreams for this person you don’t even know yet.

9. The first ultrasound. When you see the little bean on the screen and you realize that tiny flash is a beating heart. And you are in awe that there is a tiny, tiny being in your body that already has a beating heart.

8. The excitement everyone has for you. Babies = universal joy, so when people find out you’re expecting, whether it be your mom, sister or mailman, almost without exception, they respond with heartfelt good wishes for you.

7. When you finally get to the “this is definitely a baby bump and no I did not just eat too many doughnuts for breakfast” stage. There is definitely an awkward period where it’s hard for people to tell if you’ve just gained a little weight, or if you’re growing a human being.

6. The extra-special treatment you get from everyone, including family members and complete strangers. You get to eat first, sit first, sleep first, pretty much do everything before anyone else due to your “delicate” condition. Oh, you don’t think I should lift heavy objects or vacuum? I couldn’t agree more.

5. Which leads to the next thing — pregnancy is a built-in excuse for anything you don’t want to do. Who’s going to argue with a pregnant woman’s health?

4. When you start to feel the baby’s movement and you know for sure that it’s not just indigestion. Again, it’s another one of those moments where you just can’t believe what a remarkable thing it is that your body is doing — yes, there are a lot of those moments. Plus, the movements don’t get uncomfortable until the end.

3. Watching your body undergo the most unbelievable transformation. Granted, there are parts of the transformation that aren’t desirable, but you can’t argue that it’s not amazing. Try to ignore the undesirables and focus on the awe. Get a maternity portrait taken because believe me, you’ll take it for granted during your pregnancy and then when you look back you’ll marvel all over again.

2. Ice cream. Enough said.

1. Naturally, the number one thing I LOVE the most about being pregnant is the BABY. Congratulations, you have created a new life that is uniquely made up of you and your significant other. No other person on earth has ever been like this tiny creature you just created.

So friends, what is your favorite thing about being pregnant?


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  1. I hope I don’t sound too ungrateful, but by far THE END! You wait and wait and wait and get bigger and bigger and bigger and it’s just so cool to finally meet that little person that’s been living inside of you!

    • Amy, you had a waaaaaay more difficult pregnancy than me, so I can see where you favorite part is the end. And seeing what they look like!! I can’t WAIT for that. And how their looks and personality compare to the first child.

  2. I can’t give you my favortie because I’ve obviously never experienced it. But I’m guessing the best part for me will be the ice cream 🙂

  3. One of my favorite parts about pregnancy is getting to go to bed early and take naps without having to give an explanation. Just, “I’m pregnant and I’m tired, so see you later!”

  4. I always wished #6 came AFTER the pregnancy, not during it. I could open the door just fine when I was 25lbs overweight. It’s when I was pushing a stroller or chasing a toddler or carrying a diaper bag the size of a microwave that I really needed the help.

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