Being a Mom Means:

  1. Reveling in chubby thighs and belly fat (just not your own).
  2. Wiping someone else’s butt for a long, long time.
  3. Never — sleeping — again. Because inevitably, someone’s going to cry out, want to eat, wet the bed, or puke in the middle of the night.
  4. Celebrating milestones. Like the first day of kindergarten, high school prom, dropping them off at college, watching them walk down the aisle, having children of their own.
  5. Many, many, many tears over all of the above milestones, and oh so much more.
  6. Nurturing another living thing.
  7. Poop. Enough said.
  8. Learning to laugh about the poop because you understand what they mean when they say “don’t sweat the small stuff.”
  9. Being amused by the funniest people in the whole world.
  10. Never putting yourself first, and most of the time, being okay with it.
  11. Feeling so full of pride over someone else’s accomplishments.
  12. Having your heart broken.
  13. Being surprised on a daily basis — usually pleasantly.
  14. Relishing hugs and kisses in a completely different way.
  15. Never appreciating your own mother enough, or having the slightest bit of understanding of what she sacrificed for you, until you have kids of your own. Thank you mom! I love you!!

What does being a mom mean to you?


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