The Sisterhood


I’m not gonna lie. I’ve always been a little jealous of women who have sisters. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my AWESOME brother!! Because I really, really, really do and I’m so glad to have a brother. It’s just that I wanted to keep my brother AND have a second sibling of the female variety. Unfortunately my parents weren’t game.

For a girl, sisterhood just always seemed so magical — a built-in best friend, someone to share clothes with, someone who was required to be there to talk to you about all the girl stuff! When you have a sister, you have an automatic maid of honor, a Godmother for your children, a person to call when life sucks. And then there are all the picture frames, wall hangings and poems touting the virtues and benefits of having a sister. JEALOUS! I’m sure boys feel similarly about having a brother. In fact, I bet my brother wishes he had a brother (in addition to my fantastic self).

Last fall when we found out Bean was a girl, I was ecstatic. While I would have been so happy to have a boy, especially for my husband, I was overjoyed knowing that Monkey and Bean always would share a special sister bond. For the entire Christmas season I had the “Sisters” song from White Christmas running through my head. I was just tickled that Monkey was going to have a sister, and that the two of them would be able to experience the things I imagined I missed out on. Plus, now when I see the “Sisters” picture frames, “Sisters” T-shirts, and “Sisters” wall hangings, I have a reason to buy them; much to the detriment of my bank account.

Monkey is becoming so interested in what Bean is doing. When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is look for her sister. When Bean’s already awake, she exclaims, “My sister’s awake!” When she doesn’t know where Bean is, she says, “Where’s my sister?” She informs us when Bean spits up, when she thinks Bean’s tired, and when she thinks Bean’s pooped. She rubs Bean’s head and strokes her cheek. And she’s become obsessed with her baby dolls, changing them, feeding them, and carrying them around wherever she goes. And have I mentioned that all her baby dolls are named Bean? She’s even started talking to Bean like we do — in that high-pitched, sing songy voice that parents use. She kisses her and hugs her, is upset when she cries or thinks she’s hurt, and doesn’t want to go to Nana’s house without her. The other night Monkey pressed her face forehead-to-forehead and nose-to-nose with Bean. OMG, my heart melted! I do that all the time with the girls!! Bean reciprocates by watching Monkey’s every move. She stares, and stares and stares. She watches Monkey run back and forth, back and forth between her toys, her head following Monkey all around the room. She scoots in circles when she’s lying on the floor to watch where Monkey goes, and cranes her neck to keep her in sight. She’s taking it all in.

I think having two girls actually might be God’s way of giving me a peek at what sisterhood is all about. Watching Monkey and Bean’s bond unfold before me is amazing. I’m watching it grow every day. And I imagine them in five years, 10 years, 15 years. I picture them standing up in each other’s weddings, talking on the phone for hours during college, sharing clothes and makeup in high school, playing together and teaching each other things. And believe me, I know there’s going to be tons of drama, fighting and tears that go along with all the stages. But I’m choosing to ignore that right now. Right now, I’m more than content watching the development of a beautiful best friendship.

While I don’t have a sister, I do have to give a huge thanks to the two girls who have been my “sisters” since second grade, and my cousin who’s only nine months older than me and always has been like a sister. Love you girls. And I am blessed to have inherited two wonderful sisters-in-law who compliment the many brothers in my husband’s and my life.


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    • haha, I just might steal Emily! 😉 And Julia’s pretty cute too. I don’t know Kate well enough yet.

  1. You always make me cry! Sorry I did’t have the little sis you wanted but now it seems you have the best of both worlds!

  2. I have tears in my eyes, Jen! It’s so amazing to see how much Monkey and Bean love each other already, and it will be so fun to watch the two of them grow. I can’t wait to watch their individuality grow and their relationship with each other blossom. As an only child, I always dreamed of sisterhood as well. I’m so excited to have a sis-in-law to share life with 🙂 Love you!

  3. Jen! This is SO sweet – I will now have 3 sisters and I couldn’t be happier :o)

    And although you are correct about the tears and the drama, the bond of sisters withstands it all. I’m guessing there were points when my parents thought that my sister and I would never be best friends, and now we talk almost every day.

    Can’t wait to see all of you next week!!

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