In an interview this past April to promote her starring role in the film, Eat Pray Love, megastar Julia Roberts told the New York Times reporter, “I am fulfilled by my own life on an hourly basis.” Really?? Wow. What a statement. It really struck me. Surely, I do not consciously feel fulfilled by my own life on an hourly basis. Why don’t I? It’s not because I don’t make $20 million a movie, because they keep doing these research studies that show that above a certain income level (and it’s not that high), more money doesn’t translate into more happiness. And it’s not because I don’t own three homes (but that could help) or that I don’t know Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle personally (could definitely be a factor).

It’s because I just don’t take the time to appreciate enough. Sure, there are A LOT of simple moments that I do appreciate, but I think it’s really something to be able to say that you’re completely satisfied with your life every hour of every day. I mean, everybody gets frustrated and irritated and annoyed when things just aren’t what we expected or someone doesn’t do something we want. It’s human. But I think it’s all about perspective. I mean, I could argue that rather than being SO COMPLETELY FRUTRATED that my toddler is finger painting with poop, I could … (hold on, let me think) … be really happy that she’s healthy and her digestive system is working! As my mom says, “Poop is better than no poop!” I’m just saying I could.

(and P.S., please don’t even start with me about how Julia Roberts isn’t beautiful, you people who say such things. You are completely off your rocker. That woman RADIATES beauty).

When I was first thinking about starting this blog I decided to see what other mom bloggers were writing about. I was googling, I don’t even remember what, and happened to come across CK over at Bad Mommy Moments. My very first mom blog. I’ve continued reading her every post over the last year, even delving into her archives because she is one funny sh*t. And it’s not just that she’s entertaining — she’s creative, smart, relatable, witty, sarcastic, and has two girls. And don’t let her blog’s name fool you — she is a good mommy. But she’s honest and she shares those moments of frustration (an assassinated Slurpee), horror (her two-year-old pooping in the community pool), surprise (mice in the sink), and just downright awesomeness (second child temper tantrums). You know, those moments where we feel like bad, bad mommys. But she’ll also fill you in on the joy (this is one of my faves about her daughters’ hair). I love CK’s blog.

A couple of months ago, CK and the ladies over at another blog, Momalom, decided to start a project they call !!!. !!! = intentional happiness (aka things that made me happy this week). Because sometimes, it’s not easy to be fulfilled by our own lives on an hourly basis. Sometimes you have to look for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to turn into one of those completely annoying happy people who make you want to puke over their perfect life. Please. I’m definitely going to be on here b*tching and moaning about this thing or the next — but for this week, here’s my !!!:

Chubby, tubby baby legs. The only time in your life that extra fat on your thighs is more than okay, it’s celebrated!

Three heads. Awww, the babies and their daddy. They adore him.

A BLT sandwich made with fresh lettuce and tomatoes grown from my in-law’s garden.

All of Monkey’s babies, tucked in for bed.

Reveling in the fresh scent of a clean baby.

Sisters in coordinating outfits.

A photo shoot gone awry.

Sometimes all you need to turn a bad day good is !!!

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  1. Photo shot gone awry is all kinds of !!! Love it! Love this entry. Love CK, to be sure. And really, really love the change that has occurred inside of me when I stop and look at my life, pull out a !!! tag and snap a picture. I appreciate that one little thing and, no matter if everything falls apart after that and kids start kicking and screaming at each other, I was there in that moment with a smile in my heart.

    PS: Julia totally radiates beauty.

  2. I had a really rough week and this morning was a raging mess. Then Sarah (momalom) pinged me on IM with part of what you wrote and I got all emotional. So thank you. You have no idea what your words did for me this morning. I didn’t realize how down I was until they lifted me up.

    And the only thing that could top it would be if I went downstairs and found that BLT waiting for me on the counter. Mmmmm…bacon always makes it better!

    • CK, I meant every word. 🙂 Your blog is the first one I check every morning to see if there’s a new post. I’m glad I could lift your spirits. Thanks to you and Sarah for the !!! movement!

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