I Need …


More sleep

More time

More patience

More balance

More inspiration

More exercise

More perspective

More vegetables

More creative tactics

More creativity in general

More money would be nice

A date

A better attitude

Less frustration

More joy

Oh the life of a mom

A life that’s really not your own

But rather revolves around beautiful homemade creatures

Rush here, rush there, change clothes, change diapers, go potty, avoid accidents

Feed breakfast, feed lunch, feed dinner, clean up breakfast, clean up lunch, clean up dinner

PLAY! UNDIVIDED ATTENTION! Read, draw with chalk, blow bubbles, swing, slide, climb, imagination

Force sleep, rock, sway, jiggle, cajole, compromise, threaten, Tot Clocks, white noise, lullabies, stories

Checklists, packing, 15 bags, food, drinks, PJs, extra clothes, diapers, bottles, loveys, blankets, toys

Unpacking, cleaning, putting away, doing it all over again

A stack of books waits to be read

What on earth did you do with your time before?

Your identity becomes disguised

And you realize this happened to your mom too

But you took it for granted

Because that’s just what parents do

Your dreams get pushed to the fringes

Not because they’re not important

They’re just not *as* important

They wait for a time

When there’s

More time

More sleep

More money

But there’s not

Not now


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  1. So, so true. Another great blog! I was just thinking the other day….”I can’t even remember what life was like before kids.” Oh, the free time, going where you wanted when you wanted, sleeping in, actually getting things crossed off my to-do list, and spending uninterrupted time with the hubby!!

    • I wish I would have spent MUCH less time feeling guilty about sleeping in and being lazy. I tell all my child-less couples to sleep in and have lazy days as much as possible because it won’t happen again for about 20 years!

  2. There are lists of needs no matter where you are in life. They just change with each individuals circumstances! Enjoy your list now because this too will change!!

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