!!! Spring Edition


I guess it’s officially spring, although we’re supposed to get a rain/snow storm this afternoon.

But that’s really beside the point, because more importantly it’s Friday, it’s FRIDAY! I’m so HAPPY that IT’S FRIDAY! The fact that it’s Friday, when I was SURE that Friday would never get here, is just proof that time, indeed, marches on. Speaking of march, GOODBYE MARCH, HELLO APRIL.

So in the spirit of time’s unceasing movement forward, here are a couple of my favorite !!! moments (intentional happiness) from the past two weeks.

What’s good for the goose …

Last week, Husband jokingly de-pantsed Monkey. He thought it was hysterical, naturally, and she chided him with “Daddy!”

I, however, did not find it funny. I gave Husband a very stern look and reprimanded him. “She’s going to do that at school in the fall,” I pointed out. “No way. DO NOT do that again.”

Several hours later, guess what happens. Husband is lying on the floor and Monkey comes up behind him and pulls his pants down. She laughs and thinks she’s hysterical. Husband exclaims, “Hey! No, Monkey don’t do that.”

Monkey ignores him and does it again, this time pulling his underwear down with his pants. Now he’s really embarrassed and Monkey’s still laughing.

I look at him with my best I told you so face and say, “See! You have to explain to her right now why that’s not okay and that you were wrong. Tell her that you need a time out.” Husband gets a gleeful expression on his face and says, “Whoopee! A 35-minute time out!?? Okay!”

Potty time

Monkey is only three weeks away from her third birthday, and she’s been potty trained for a year. But, she still wears a pull-up, or in our house, “nighttime underwear” for sleeping. Some mornings she wakes up and her pull-up is SOAKED, and other mornings it’s wet, but not drenched. She’s really been getting better about going potty on the toilet right away when she wakes up, as opposed to just peeing in the pull-up. We’ve also been emphasizing that she can get up and go to the bathroom anytime she needs to, whether it’s at night or for a nap and that she doesn’t have to call for us or wait for us. I even told her, “You know, Daddy and I do that all the time. We always wake up at night and go to the bathroom.” She seemed very surprised to hear this information.

Well it must have made an impression on her, because last night the unthinkable happened. Monkey actually got out of bed around 10 p.m., used the bathroom and then went back to bed!! Holy cow! I certainly was not expecting that to happen! Especially since most parents have told me that their kids were still in pull-ups at night until they were four. We’re not gonna be going pull-up free anytime soon, but I can’t believe she did that!

Hello (hello, hello, hello)

Carys learned what an echo was and spent the good part of an afternoon yelling hello in our front yard to hear her echo.

Bye-bye nappy

My poor little Beany. She’s just going through so much lately. She also seems to have officially dropped her morning nap, which I don’t think is helping. Even though she’s rubbing her eyes and acting tired, when I try to put her down in the morning she’s quiet in her crib for about 15 minutes, then she plays, and then she cries to get up.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, our whole morning just opened up. It’s SO nice to be able to do a morning activity, have lunch and a nap, and then do an afternoon activity. We have so much more flexibility now. On the other hand, it’s hard because I see that she’s tired and somewhat crabby and could benefit from the extra sleep. We’ll see how she adjusts over the next several weeks.

It’s all about me

The plus side of Bean’s major separation anxiety, teething and sickness issues is that I’m getting a lot of extra cuddle time with her. There’s no cry that apparently my arms can’t calm. When I pick her up, it stops immediately (or nearly). I think the instant ease that kids feel in their mothers’ arms is universal — they must feel so soothed, so protected, so safe! I wish I could remember the comforting feeling of my mom’s arms. We should develop a name for this instant ease — like Momease or Momcalm. What should we call it?


I’m thinking Bean might be going through a brain growth spurt — which could be another contributing factor to her not sleeping well lately — because she’s mastered the word “Hi” and also is saying “Nana,” and attempting “buh bye” and “please.” I think her Nana is going to be pretty thrilled to come home and hear her say, “Hi Nana.”

Bed head

Finally, finally, finally Bean is growing some hair. Finally! Monkey didn’t have much hair either (she’s only had like three haircuts in her life), but even she had more hair at 14 months than Bean does. And Bean’s hair is just starting to get long enough that occasionally she’ll wake up with a small section of errant hairs that stick straight up. The first time it happened I thought it was so cute that I didn’t even try to smooth it down.

So what’s made you !!! lately?

Intentional Happiness

Bad Mommy Moments !!! Momalom !!!

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  1. The underwear story is hilarious! My daughters glory in making their daddy laugh, or repeating something that he does. That would’ve gone over HUGE at our house.

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