I Tried Not to Write This – Really.


So the PR person in me was going to blog about Taylor Swift’s brand and how consistent her concert was with her brand. But even though I LOVE her, a lot, I won’t do that, because I know how many of you don’t care for her.

I do have to say one thing though — it was so REFRESHING (if I could put that in 50 pt font, I would) to see live entertainment that wasn’t bursting at the seams with girls in bra tops and hot pants writhing dancing around on stage. Seriously. So refreshing. I mean, performers from Rihanna to freaking LUKE BRYAN on the CMT Awards have the dancing girls. I’m just so over it. Um, not that I don’t like sex, I just don’t need it shoved in my face (and my kids’ faces) 24/7. I mean, we know, sex sells. But seriously, let’s move on. Doesn’t anyone have any original ideas anymore? Taylor Swift was the first performer I’ve seen in a long time that hasn’t utilized sex in some way to sell herself — and that includes her concert Wednesday night.

Don’t get me wrong. She had dancers — they were unbelievable dancers — but they were fully clothed, and they played character roles in her production. By our guess, it was the same dancers throughout the night, so they were dancing everything from choreographed pop moves, to ballet, to acrobatics.

So kudos to Taylor for not only being a great performer, a great writer, but having an original idea and not contributing to the early sexualization of girls. Don’t know what that is? (think Abercrombie & Fitch selling padded push-up bikini tops for 7-year-old girls — this year!) Google it. It’s disgusting.

Oh. One more thing. She really can sing. She sounded great — actually the only thing that disappointed me was that at the beginning you couldn’t hear her very well, like her mic wasn’t turned up enough. But then it got better. Don’t believe me that she can sing? The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s review of the concert said she was “sonically superb.”

(For the record, I agree with the reviewer who said that the show came off a little too “staged.” It definitely was a big production number. It reminded me of a Reba McEntire show that I saw at the Bradley Center in the late 1990s — remember when she had the big hair!? Reba had a set and costume change for nearly every song. But honestly, I would rather be dazzled by a big production, that at moments is a tad over the top, than just watch a singer and a stool. Aside from a little more hair whipping than I thought was warranted, I liked it. I’m not sure if her somewhat overly dramatic stage presence is due to her age, and still figuring things out, or if that’s just her. Either way, it was SUPER fun.)

Okay, fine. I guess there’s one more thing. In the past, I’ve made fun of myself for not really being in Taylor Swift’s target demographic. In fact, certain friends, have made fun of me for liking her music, and before the show, joked with me to say hi to all my 15-year-old girlfriends. Well listen up, yo. I’m here to tell ya. We were not out of place AT ALL.

The people at the concert were of all ages AND both genders. I think my friend A and I were both a little surprised. Especially when we got to our seats and found that on our right were two 23-ish looking girls, and on our left was an adult 30-something-year-old daughter with her two late 60-ish parents. Not a tween in sight with them, either. Oh, and behind us? Probably some high school/college freshman girls, and then a boyfriend/girlfriend duo who were BOTH singing along to EVERY.SINGLE.WORD — even the guy. A and I kept laughing because this boy knew the words to every single song. And he wasn’t the only boy! There were lots of boys! Young boys, teenage boys, college boys.

I think we both were expecting to be surrounded by screaming girls ages 7-15, but such was not the case. Don’t get me wrong — we definitely gave each other a look and burst out laughing after passing two 9-year-old girls with matching braided pig tails and matching homemade Taylor Swift T-shirts. But we were not out of place by any means, and I rescind my earlier beliefs that I’m out of her target demographic.

So there.

(Although it was kind of funny when, towards the end of the night, A’s taking her daily disposable contact lenses out, chucking them and replacing them with her glasses, and I’m stretching and cracking my neck. Sucks getting old.)

Well, I really tried not to write this about Taylor Swift. But apparently I just couldn’t help myself. So I’m just going to go ahead and put a big wet sloppy kiss all over this post and say that in addition to love, love, loving her music, I LOVE the fact that Taylor Swift is such a good role model for my daughters. Prior to the show, concert goers could text a message that would show up on a screen next to the stage, and I may have gotten a little teary-eyed when a mom wrote, “Taylor, thank you for being such a GREAT ROLE MODEL for my girls.” And it wasn’t me. I swear. But it could have been.

(And if you’re a parent to daughters, and you’re not sure what the early sexualization of girls is, please check it out and be aware).

I really tried not to write this. Sorry. I’ll try better next time.


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  1. Great write up! So many funny moments from that night. AN AWESOME TIME had by all! (the twins are STILL talking about it).

    And yes, I agree, we were definitely out of place – and now I can’t stop listening to her songs!

    The one thing you left out was how cool it was for her to accept her CMT award from stage and also come flying passed us!

    Thanks for going with me! xoxo

    • I was like, “Whaaa?” I was hopign you meant it as a typo. 😉 Yes, I know I left those things out, but then it would have been like an “official” review, and I really didn’t mean to do that! 🙂

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