And So It Begins


We have a preschooler.

And someone's sister just couldn't help herself from getting in the picture. She looks up to her big sister in more ways than one.

Look at how she's gritting her teeth. Watch out, crazy driver!

Of course, she gravitated towards the baby doll. Of course.

I can't believe my baby will be going on field trips and that I'll be chaperoning. I have such great memories of my mom on field trips.

Oh. my. goodness. Book order. I'm pretty sure this was my most favorite thing about grade school. I loooved book order. I was obsessed with books.

Dude, I can't believe I already have to help her with an art project!! By next Wednesday!

I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we're super excited for the upcoming year. After we left she asked if she could go to school every day. 😉

Two years ago today I posted on Facebook: “Chillin’ in Door County. Baby in bed without any crying about sleeping in a strange place.” Two years ago today we were on our first family vacation and my Monkey was 15 months old.

Two years later, only two years, and we have a school-aged child. Only preschool, but still.

There were no tears, hers or mine, although I did fight back the urge as I was getting ready to leave the classroom and noticed that Monkey was a little subdued. Maybe nervous? She tends to be a little shy, and not that long ago had a habit of suddenly bursting into tears in a new situation. I was very happy when I picked her up and her teacher said she didn’t cry at all, and actually was a “great helper,” (yeah), “followed directions (whew) and in general was “totally with it.” She was actually acting a little subdued when I picked her up too, but I think it may have been because she was tired from the new day, and thirsty. She asked me for water as soon as we got into the car and then proceeded to slam her entire cup of water. I found out that the day’s snack included “red” juice, and she doesn’t really dig juice except for apple. After rehydrating and eating lunch, she very animatedly told me that it was the “BEST day EVER” and jumped up and down and ran in circles. And then she took a nap. 🙂


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  1. Sounds like you just described your first day of “Tots-A-Lot” when you were 4 years old!! You cried when you couldn’t go every day!

  2. field trips?! Art projects?!?! BOOK ORDERS?!?!?!?!
    Dude… can I help you chaperone? ;P
    Those are all of the things that I’m CRAZY excited for when my kids are old enough. I’m so so jealous of you right now… oh, and SO happy for you! God she’s so big…

    • I think it’s so funny that we all loved the book order so much. There’s just something so appealing about those books.

  3. Baby’s First Book Order! I was SO excited the first time I found one on my daughter’s jacket clip at pick up. I went right home, put her down for a nap and curled up on the couch with the crinkly thin Scholastic paper. ((Sigh))

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