That’s How it Works, Right!?


Dear God,

As you’re aware, Husband and I are thinking of having a third baby. Every time we think, “Okay! We’re going for it!” one of our existing children acts so heinous in public that we think, “Clearly, we are not capable of this. Let’s sell them immediately.”

Just kidding.

So I was thinking, if you could just ensure that our third baby will be super mellow, laid back, and agreeable, that would be great. Because surely, you wouldn’t expect the same two people to raise a Monkey, a Bean, and an equally willful, determined, high energy third baby. That would just not be fair. Because I know people who have TWO super laid back, mellow kids already. I actually know those people. Okay, maybe just one person that I can think of with two of them (and her middle name starts with a “P” as in “Penelope.”). But anyway, I don’t think those people should get all the mellow babies, especially when they already have two. It’s just not equitable.

Oh, one more thing. So please make the potential third baby super mellow, laid back and agreeable, but also driven to succeed and not easily influenced by others. I mean, when the kid gets to school age I still want her/him to be a leader and not give in to peer pressure and other such nonsense. So maybe they could just be super mellow until they’re old enough to listen to me all the time, can reason and logic, and never be sassy; then they can have some of that drive and determination that Monkey and Bean have.

Again, I’d just like to make it clear that it would not be fair to give us a Monkey and a Bean, and a similarly-tempered child.

And I know you are very concerned about fairness and equality for all.



Oh. That’s not the way it works?


Just tell me what to do.


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  1. Relax, and enjoy the child he gives you! He will provide the strength, energy and stamina you need. But get busy. It’s easier while you’re younger! 🙂 and xo

    • Completely agree. I’ve been told enough times, “God will give you exactly what you need and not what you want” so now I get to pass that on to you. Comforting, yet worries you, doesn’t it? “What does He think I need, exactly?”

      My stepsister had 3 children, all about seven years apart, and when she went in for pre-op for her histerectomy, the nurses told her that at age 41, she was pregnant with another baby, that they would not, in fact, be performing a histerectomy. Her new son joined their family (children aged 21, 15, and 7) a couple months ago.

      • Vick, you have no idea how many times I’ve thought, “Oh great. What exactly do you think I can handle. What could be coming next.” This is all just part of my lifelong learning of how to let go of the illusion of control. And it was tongue in cheek.

  2. The only advise I can offer is to do what I like to do and tell myself, “The Lord says He will never give you more than you can handle.” (repeat as needed) 🙂

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