The Grand Finale


So I’ve been a little hormonal lately.

Sue me.

Yes, I took four. I just wanted to make sure the line kept getting darker. And I took four more after this, too. Just for funsies. Why not?? I had about 7 extra tests and since we had decided this would be our last pregnancy no matter what, I figured I would put them to good use. 😉

The first ultrasound. We have a baby with a heartbeat! 6w4d.

Everything is all good. 8w6d

My midwife couldn't catch the heartbeat at my 10-week appointment, so she pulled out the portable ultrasound machine and all we saw was a CONSTANTLY moving baby. It was like a little pinball in there. Clearly s/he did not want to stop and be heard.

I’m 14 weeks today. Bring on the second trimester, baby!!

Anticipated due date is Oct. 5. All signs are healthy and positive. We are ready to be EXCITED.

I feel like today is a huge turning point — the SECOND TRIMESTER! No more prometrium! We’ve turned the corner!

I have been feeling well! I felt the most icky between weeks 6 and 9, but it was more of an overall feeling of general grossness (didn’t feel good before I ate, didn’t feel good after I ate), and nothing serious. There were only two dry heaving incidents. 😉

For your amusement, my latest hormonal … difficulty.

Last month I stayed up until midnight so that I could have first access to online registration for the spring session swimming lessons at my beloved Y. And why did I need first access? Because I was bound and determined to get both girls in swim classes that ran at the same time. And the only possibility of this happening was if I was able to get them both in a Monday night class that ran from 5-5:30 p.m. There were no other days where their classes were at the same time, and since classes fill up extremely quickly, I was determined that my efforts not be thwarted.

Registration started on Monday, March 12, so I assumed that I would be able to register at 12:00 a.m. on Sunday night/Monday morning. So I stayed up until midnight and the registration system refreshed. Instead of saying “Registration begins on March 12,” the system changed to, “Registration opens at 5 a.m.” In hindsight, I realized this made sense, because that’s the time the Y opens and that would be the first opportunity for someone to physically walk through the doors and register.

So, okay, no big deal. I went to bed and got back up at 5 a.m. and registered. (Yaaaaaay.)

Cue to last Thursday, when horror of horrors, I realized that I REGISTERED MONKEY FOR THE WRONG CLASS.

Upon realizing my tragic error, I left a lengthy late-night voicemail message to the aquatics director wherein I actually used the word “distraught,” as well as “disappointed” and “upset.” I’m surprised I didn’t start weeping as I relayed the whole story about staying up late, getting up early, yada, yada, yada.

Then I emailed my friend S who works at the Y and told her about the whole sordid saga.

And then I read it back an hour later, and was like, “Whoa. I think I may have been overreacting.”

I mean, it’s a swim class. And yes, it will be totally inconvenient if they are in classes that are at different times, and yes it is completely crazy that I went to such great lengths to get them registered for MY PREFERRED CLASS TIMES (I think I’m the only one who would ever do that; I know all my friends are shaking their heads at me) because I was so paranoid that if I waited until, say 9 a.m., MY PREFERRED CLASSES would be filled (in my defense, they did cut the class sizes in half and they do fill up EXTREMELY quickly) – but no one died.

It’s a swim class for Pete’s sake!

And now all I can do is laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I am just dying that I left a voicemail for the aquatics director and said “distraught.” What must she have been thinking!??

At the time though, I was DEAD SERIOUS.

What else can I say? It’s GOTTA BE THE HORMONES, right!?

I just can’t make this sh*it up.

(And P.S. the aquatics director called me back and was able to make the switch, and my friend S told her that I was pregnant and hormonal, so we’re all good.)


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  1. Jen,

    I’m so happy for you! I had the same issue with the baby at my 9 week appt, so Liz got out the tableside machine and it was a little bean with buds bouncing like nuts…fastforward to last night, that little stinker wouldn’t cooperate again and my uterus is already at the base of my belly button, so she brought in the u/s machine again and I couldn’t believe that it was a real baby with full arms and legs and was smirking at us and kicking away the wand and waving its arms like crazy! Huge relief to see that little bean have grown so much. Sounds like that ancient machine is getting a lot of use!

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