I’ve Never Been Pregnant on Mother’s Day Before


And other observations at 19 weeks of my third (successful so far) pregnancy

So I’ve never been pregnant on Mother’s Day before this year … isn’t that interesting? I got pregnant with Monkey at the end of July and she was born April 21. While I wasn’t pregnant with her on Mother’s Day, she was a pretty dang sweet Mother’s Day present. She was 20 days old on my very first Mother’s Day.

New Daddy has newborn Monkey in the sling so Mommy can sleep in on her first Mother’s Day. My hubby is such a sweetheart.

My “First Mother’s Day” cake.

Aww, my itty bitty newborn Monkey with her skinny little legs and arms and her raging thrush tongue.

I got pregnant with Bean the week after Mother’s Day in 2009 and she was born in February 2010. That was a pretty cool Mother’s Day too.

First Mother’s Day with the Bean! Can I just say, I look positively radiant here? I think I must have been getting more sleep than I’m getting now.

Gawd, you have no idea how much I loved these shirts (they say “adorable”). They are so, so, so, cute. I remember this time period so fondly and I can’t believe they’re both SO BIG now. (tear)

So yeah. This is the first time I’ve been pregnant for Mother’s Day.

OH! And this is really huge for me for some reason … this is the first time I’ve ever been pregnant and had the baby in the same year. Oooooo. My other pregnancies have always spanned two calendar years. This ALSO means it will be the first time I’m ever been largely pregnant during summer. New things abound with this pregnancy. 🙂

Here are a few other funsies:

  • A few days after getting a positive pregnancy test, before we had told ANYONE, Bean pointed at my belly one morning and said, “Baby,” very matter of factly. Now, she may have just been calling me fat, but she had never done that before, and didn’t do it again after until we actually told the girls I was pregnant. I like to think that the spirit of the baby was speaking to her. 😉
  • It is no fun to be kept waiting for 45 minutes past your appointment time with a VERY full bladder for your 6-week ultrasound where they’ll determine if your baby has a heartbeat. Why in God’s name they require you to drink 32 ounces of water AN HOUR before the appointment, and then hold it, is beyond me. Anxiety + having to pee + waiting = ANGER. Hot shooting flames of anger.
  • Then after waiting for 45 minutes with a very full bladder (which, remember = ANGER) having the tech ask a lot of personal questions that seem slightly inappropriate leads to calm, cool, subdued anger. “Why are you here?” Are you seriously asking me that? “How many pregnancies have you had?” This always makes me defensive. Because when I answer “Seven,” the reaction is always shock and leads to more questions. “Oh, WOW. Why all the miscarriages?” I don’t really know lady, can we just move along? I forgave her because my baby was alive and because she gave us information about him/her that technically she shouldn’t have. At least I can play the sympathy card to my advantage sometimes.
  • Cutting out caffeine wasn’t an issue for me in the past, but since I’ve become a mochaholic, I’ve had to watch it carefully.
  • I haven’t been very “sick,” per se — dry heaving once was as far as I got in the puking category — but I haven’t been able to shake the crappy stomach. Even now at 19 weeks, I sometimes don’t feel well after eating. Or before. As a result, I’m often not very hungry. And when I am, I sometimes feel way over full and gross, even after only eating a small amount. I got fully really fast with the other two pregnancies too, but I never felt this crappy for this long.
  • Related to that … if you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to be Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, consider getting pregnant. There are days I feel so bloated that I expect to see Willy Wonka coming after me with curling ribbon.
  • Which brings me to … being able to successfully take a deuce when you’re pregnant is as exciting as when your toddler successfully poops on the potty. You should reward yourself with two M&Ms.
  • When I do occasionally get really, really hungry I want protein like eggs, cheese or chicken. I’ve had a few moments where I’ve had grandiose food cravings. I’ll think everything sounds AMAZING. Like, green olives! Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream Ruffles! Cupcakes! It generally doesn’t work out in my favor. Blech.
  • And the weirdest “craving” I’ve had is for ice cold blue Gatorade. I don’t even like Gatorade. But a few weeks ago after I had the stomach flu there was still a bottle of blue Gatorade left. And it was warm (disgusting) so I poured it into one of those freezable mugs. And it. Was. Phenomenal. Now I want it all the time. I don’t even know why. I drink about 70 ounces of water a day, so I can’t be dehydrated. But for whatever reason, I want ice cold blue Gatorade all the time.
  • In 48 hours we’ll know the sex of the baby! I’m excited to find out, but honestly I’m far more anxious to get a good health report on the baby. When I was pregnant with Monkey I was completely oblivious to the importance of the 20-week ultrasound. I was solely focused on finding out the sex! It wasn’t until the doctor was pointing out all the positive healthy things (i.e. “We can see the four chambers of the heart,” “The baby is moving its fingers and toes so it’s unlikely that it has Down’s syndrome,” etc.) that I realized I probably should have had a tinge more concern. When I was pregnant with Bean, I developed a sub chorionic hematoma at 13 weeks, and so at the 20-week ultrasound, the health of the baby was again assumed for me (we had been listening to the heartbeat with the rented Doppler like we had with Monkey) because I was completely focused on whether that hematoma was healing and if my baby would continue to survive. With this pregnancy, I know enough (I might even say too much) and I don’t have anything else to focus my attention on, so I’m having more anxiety. Even though, once again, we’ve been listening to the heartbeat with the Doppler (daily), I’m nervous. Crossing my fingers and saying lots of prayers.

These two (and my hubby) made 2012 a fabulous Mother’s Day as well.

My lovely ladies.

Me with my mama.

Family bike ride!

It was the shortest longest bike ride of my life. Monkey was a trooper though.

Bean liked riding solo in the bike trailer.


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